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For over 10 years,  InCare-K12 (a division of InCare Technologies) has been providing K-12 education technology integration services to school districts throughout Alabama and Mississippi. We guide education decision makers in building successful 1:1 classrooms using the latest technological advances in learning.


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Is your district in pursuit of {implementing} a 1:1 program?  

We’ve got you covered, so let’s start building! We specialize in aiding districts on a mission to integrate 1:1 computing and increase student performance and success. 

We have created a thoughtful {process} that will guide you in all your 1:1 endeavors.

We start by addressing the top reasons why school districts {FAIL} in implementing a successful 1:1 program and provide guidance that creates solid results.

Your challenge is our mission!

That is why we are able to provide the best technology services to participating school districts based on our status as an industry expert. Our service is tailored to your school’s needs and objectives.

From {interactive whiteboards} to {document cameras} and {devices}, InCare’s offerings have been providing complete classroom solutions to the Alabama and Mississippi K-12 school districts for over 10 years. InCare K-12 is also a specialist in designing and deploying solutions for {distance learning}, bringing education possibilities in advanced math and science to rural students that would otherwise go without.  

Curious about the current impact 1:1 programs are having in schools across the nation and around the world? Be sure to follow and contribute to our community conversation on our {social media sites} to see how American schools stack up.

{InCare} will launch your district into a top notch 21st Century Classroom! Let us help you navigate the challenges of meeting common core standards and delivering consistent repeatable education outcomes.

Wondering {HOW} we are able to achieve all this for you?

Our services are quite comprehensive, learn what it’s like to {work with us}.


                               You can start {HERE} by filling out our free Network Assessment.