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What is a Poly Studio?

“All of that expert camera work is actually done automatically in the Poly device, set on a student desk just as if it were a student in the classroom. The instructor doesn’t need to wear a lanyard or operate anything – it just works, they can just teach. Also, with this system, there is no distracting groan of motors as the camera moves around to capture the action. It uses an electronic pan-tilt-zoom system (EPTZ) that works silently and invisibly.”

-David Danto article in the United States Distance Learning Association

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Distance Learning Solutions
InCare Distance Learning Solutions

Interactive Panels

Discover why over half of Alabama’s school districts are using Viewsonic panels.


Campus Security

Easy-to-use, cost-effective campus security done right.

Video Conferencing

Expand the visual learning experience across multiple classrooms.


InCare can assist schools with Alabama Joint Purchasing Agreement.


InCare K-12

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Contact Information - Sales Reps

Joan McRae – North Alabama – – 877-421-6128 ext. 1
Craig Bates – Central South Alabama – – 334-320-3602
Betsy Mitchell – East Alabama – – 334-313-1524
Jay Brown – Central/West Alabama, Mississippi – – 205-223-8094
Pam Williams – Inside Sales – – 334-819-1038
Brigitte Reid – Project Coordinator – – 334-819-1042

InCare K-12

1310 Old Oak Place
Montgomery, AL 36117

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