Security Grant Assistance

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Campus Security Grant Programs

Learn, Design, Apply Inc. is an industry leader specializing in identifying, securing, and managing grant funding for clients in private, non-profit, and public sectors.

InCare K12 has partnered with LDA for nearly twenty years.

In 2019, LDA began helping K12 applicants pursue two campus security grant programs: SVPP Grant (DOJ COPS Office) and SSV Grant (DOJ BJA Agency).

LDA’s security grant assistance team offers experience, knowledge, and many other resources. Their sole purpose is help guide applicants through the grant process and make sure every application is competitive.

Contact Information - Sales Reps

Craig Bates – Central South Alabama - 205-527-0255
Jay Brown – Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma
- 205-223-8094
Kristy Howard – Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, East Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia - 901-461-9405
Joan McRae – North Alabama, West Tennessee - 256-642-9799
Betsy Mitchell – East Alabama, Louisiana - 334-313-1524
Josh Howard – South Alabama, Southwest Georgia, Florida - 334-320-3602

Contact Information - Support Team

Brigitte Reid – Project Coordinator - - 334-819-1042
Brianna Roberts – K12 Education Consultant -
- 334-819-1041
Pam Williams – Inside Sales - - 334-819-1038