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Charging Carts

You were able to purchase devices for all of your students during the pandemic. They’re coming back and bringing those devices with them.

How are you going to help teachers manage all these new devices in the classroom?

Our charging carts help teachers keep devices charged up and ready to use and easily managed!

Additionally, these carts provide a way to secure these devices when not in use.

Ask us about device management and charging solutions!

Idea Islands

Create a space for students to gather around an “idea island.” These tables are designed to inspire creativity, promote collaboration, and offer easy access to your technology. Tables have customizable storage options, backpack hooks, seat mounts, trash cans, and more! Most importantly, the heavy-duty casters make these islands easy to manage and roll from one creative space to another!

Attachable robotics bumper kits allow you to protect your investment into robots! New this year – anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial surfaces come standard on all laminate and butcher block!

Anti-Viral Furniture

If Virtual learning taught us anything, it is that distractions are everywhere! Headsets are needed for students in and out of the physical school building.

Ours provide automatic noise block and acoustic fencing to provide the most distraction free learning and optimize instructional time.

Even better- there is a two year “no questions asked” replacement warranty!

Additional Solutions

Ready to see even more furniture solutions including the awesome Sit to Stand Table, Hideaway Storage Tables & Carts, and multi-configuration student desks?


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