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Are you a {school administrator} looking for practical 1:1 technology integration solutions? We have created this handy 1:1 anatomy guide that outlines key steps in effectively integrating technology into your school district.

Our products and services will help guide your school through its 21st century technology transformation.






1:1 Planning  InCare consults with your district to plan all aspects of your 1:1 initiative. From determining whether 1:1 is in alignment with your current district objectives, to sustaining your current implementation strategies. 

1:1 Consultation InCare consults and partners with your district throughout your complete 1:1 implementation process. We address all major areas of 1:1 applications ensuring your  teachers and students are successful and your long term accomplishments are achieved.

Professional Development  Beginning with our 1:1 readiness assessment, InCare will cultivate a professional development plan for your leaders and teachers to prepare them for 1:1. Professional Development is a key to the success of any 1:1 program, and our local professional development team works with your district on an on-going basis to ensure your project’s sustainability.

Infrastructure – Our {Free Network Assessment} scans your IT infrastructure, providing a comprehensive network health report and identifying any possible security weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Classroom Technology In addition to the 1:1 devices themselves, we provide all the classroom technology you need to prepare your classroom for your 1:1 program, such as interactive tablets, projectors, and more.

Mobile Device Management Our cloud-based MDM solution provides complete control and management of your IOS, Android, and Windows devices. Keep track of apps, restrict access, and generate reports, all from a central Cloud-based portal. Check out why {the CLOUD} is so effective.

Google Education Partner With our status as a {Google Education Partner}, we can implement and support the full range of Google products and services. This includes the Google management console as well as Lenovo and Samsung Chromebook products. There are so many ways to use Google Education to digitally enhance your students’ learning environment.

Training & Support –  An important aspect of providing IT services to any organization is ongoing support and training. If your school has an existing technology program with equipment already in the building, we can still offer our expert services! InCare is able to service equipment, offer professional development training, and eventually provide upgrades to your school’s system.


Curious why you {NEED} our services?


As we stand at the edge of the current education transformation, we recognize a major shift in the global standards of education.  Educators have some major decisions to make concerning their students’ future including what technological advances will be chosen and implemented in order to ensure these changes sustain the most positive impact. Although technology in education is {NOT something new}, recent standards and discoveries are certainly changing how students learn.

Executing a productive 1:1 initiative in any school is no small undertaking. Our structured and customized plans will provide you with the best path to achieving an effective, long-term 1:1 program.

NO! We aren’t just here to sell you a product. We are here to be your trusted partner as your district moves forward with these innovative changes.

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