How a successful 1:1 classroom operates

Carroll High School,  a brand new high school within The Ozark City School System, has just successfully completed its first year of a fully functioning 1:1 initiative during the 2013-2014 school year.

“Ozark has a jump on the future with its technology and educational innovations. Computer technology labs are available at every school. The school system also boasts of three state-of-the-art smart (Distance Learning) classrooms at the middle school and high school level. Virtual learning classes are also available. Every classroom houses computer work stations for instruction. The system has 917 total computers allowing for a better than a 1:3 ratio (One computer for every 3 students).

But, what does this type of revolutionary learning actually look like when you get down to the nuts and bolts of a efficient 1:1 classroom? This interview of Mrs. Povlac’s History class shows just how a more advanced 1:1 learning session looks like in action.

Mrs. Povlacs quickly became savvy in teaching in her 1:1 environment and hit the ground running at the beginning of the school year by integrating lessons on their new laptops by finding unique ways to integrate creative learning activities.

The following implements are a breakdown of the tools Mrs. Povlacs uses in her class and the advantage to each one in a creative, engaging, learning environment.

1. Website with Primary Source Documents Website for JFK Assassination Investigation:  This Website is used as a collaborative in-depth tool to analyze the data offered up in the case over the past 50 years. Students then use collaborative discernment to decide if the facts presented are faulty or factual.

2. Apps through Google Drive: Google drive allows you to file and use apps right on your Google account. So , for classrooms who use google docs for their collaborative, paperless, it allows students to access all their learning tools in one place safely and by using less storage since it’s stored on the cloud. Watch how Here.

3. Assigned PDF Files students can write on the file, print to the file and save all updates. There are six steps to creating PDF assignments that can be easily integrated. Watch how Here.

4. Group  Networking: There are always new collaborative tools popping up to keep students engaged in real time both in and out of the classroom. Our personal favorite is This is a free collaborative social network that is safe for students to use. Create closed groups based on group assignments and keep students connected and keep the conversation fluid regardless of where they are and have access to WIFI.

With a move towards more dependence upon WIFI for device management and operation is there ever an issue with accessing the wireless network? With Carroll High School’s easy to access help desk, quick solutions are easy able to be addressed and resolved. Plus the school is powered with cutting edge wireless routers that offer a more precise coverage, even with multiple users per room. Learn more about that here.

You’ll even notice the layout of the classroom was set up in a more open forum style to foster creative, collaborative learning.

Everything about how this school conducts its learning environment is fully geared towards networking in groups among peers which is exactly the real world training students need to prepare for the 21st century work atmosphere.

We are honored to be a part of this journey with them and are looking forward to the yeas to come!

If you are looking to start your own 1:1 journey fill out the form below and be inspired to take action to create the Ultimate 1:1 Learning environment.

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