Why Choose HAVEN

The increasing risk of active intrusion needs an active solution. That’s why HAVEN was created, to give peace of mind and the toughest line of protection to our children, staff, people, and patients.

HAVEN was founded by former members of the military and law enforcement. They know what real danger is and have created rock solid defense systems like HAVEN Lockdown™ to put an end to active violence in our schools, churches, offices, and hospitals.

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InCare K-12

1310 Old Oak Place, Montgomery, AL 36117


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Contact Information - Sales Reps

Joan McRae – North Alabama - jmcrae@incare360.com - 877-421-6128 ext. 1
Craig Bates – Central South Alabama - cbates@incare360.com - 334-320-3602
Betsy Mitchell – East Alabama - bmitchell@incare360.com - 334-313-1524
Jay Brown – Central/West Alabama, Mississippi - jbrown@incare360.com - 205-223-8094
Pam Williams - Inside Sales - pwilliams@incare360.com - 334-819-1038
Brigitte Reid - Project Coordinator - breid@incare360.com - 334-819-1042

InCare K-12

1310 Old Oak Place
Montgomery, AL 36117

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