Don’t Forget to Require On-going Support

Most wireless systems DON’T include multiple years of software and technical support. This is a necessity to be able to resolve software issues and continue to update your software to support new types of devices, fix issues, and provide new functionality. E-Rate will fund up to three years of on-going support as long as it is an integrated part of the eligible item that is being purchased.


Here is the language from the Eligible Services List:

“A manufacturer’s multi-year warranty for a period up to three years and provided as an integral part of an eligible component without separately identifiable cost can be included in the cost of the component.”

Asking for this warranty will prevent the district from having to file additional paperwork with SLD each year, and avoid the risk of the district having to pay for this support from local funds. Please don’t forget.

InCare K12

Author: InCare K12

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